Does your group need a high-quality food product for fund raising?

Our frozen gourmet cookie dough comes in numerous varieties and is delicious! Packaged in either a three-pound tub or frozen pre-portioned pieces, our cookie dough is durable, easy to sell, and provides excellent profits for your group!

Are you a distributor who wants a manufacturer that has excellent service, a fund raising focus, and is able to private label?

Aspen Hills in Garner, Iowa, manufactures our very successful "Baker Jo" line and we also specialize in private labels and formulas for larger volume customers. Aspen Hills, an AFRDS member, is the industry leader for cookie dough manufacturing.

Do you manufacture ice cream and need high-quality cookie dough inclusions?

Aspen Hills, Inc. also specializes in frozen dough inclusions. Our high quality products, and strictly managed facility, make us the perfect choice for the ice cream industry.


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Through we match groups to distributors throughout the country to guarantee a successful fundraiser. Therefore, if you are a distributor or if you are a non-profit group such as: band, choir, 4H, school, sports team, scouts, PTA, PTO, cheerleading squad, Relay for Life, booster club, or student council - contact us to ensure your organization a profitable fundraising year!
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