Here are some reasons why so many distributors choose Aspen Hills, Inc. as their cookie dough supplier:

Leader in Service

  • We provide quick turn around on orders.
  • Our hard-working, knowledgeable staff provides excellent customer service.
  • Aspen Hills knows the Fund Raising Industry - ensuring you and your group a successful sale.
  • Aspen Hills is not a distributor. All leads generated from cookiedough.com are forwarded to you, our customer.
  • With over 60 years of experience in the trucking and cold storage industry, our staff will secure the lowest freight rates possible.
  • All product is shipped on temperature-controlled trucks to maintain freshness and quality for your groups.
Leader in Quality
  • All mouth-watering gourmet batters are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, fully automated, Kosher-certified production facility.
  • The American Institute of Baking, AIB, rated Aspen Hills' production facility "Superior". This is the highest possible rating available.
  • We utilize a distinctive clear plastic safety seal on our tubs which eliminates any tampering questions.
  • Our high-quality product ensures repeat and increased sales year after year!
    Distributors are frequently asked, "When is the next cookie dough sale?"
Leader in Fund Raising Knowledge
  • We have designed our packaging so that the hand out is as easy as possible, utilizing UPC codes, color-coded lids, and color-coded boxes to eliminate any mistakes.
  • Our staff has years of trucking and cold storage experience to simplify adding cookie dough to your line-up.
  • Aspen Hills provides customized brochures with your specifics printed on the back at no additional charge.
  • Private labels and custom formulas are available if you want to "stand out" from the competition.
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